Episode 288
Production code P228/288
ITV transmission date 16th September 1963 (Monday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Writer H.V. Kershaw
Designer Denis Parkin
Director Christopher McMaster
Producer Margaret Morris
Previous episode 11th September 1963
Next episode 18th September 1963


Sheila is in a trance with the remainder of the pills before her. Lucille looks for Sheila. Florrie tells her not to disturb her. Doreen returns home for change but decides not to chance disturbing her friend. Lucille wants to return some magazines to Sheila but after getting no answer from the flat door, Florrie chases her away. Dennis calls to borrow the girls' record player and grows concerned when he can't get an answer from the door. He alerts Lucille and Elsie who, in turn, call on the menfolk for help. Dennis gets a ladder and smashes a window to get in as Len and Harry break the door down. They find Sheila. Dr. Aston is summoned as Lucille breaks down. Sheila is brought round as the residents wait to for news. Dr. Aston gives Sheila a sedative as she tells him that Neil told her to get lost and her resultant intention to kill herself. Aston arranges for Sheila to be taken to hospital. He congratulates Dennis on his actions and sees that he's badly cut his arm and is covered in blood. The regulars ponder if Sheila meant to kill herself. Doreen calls into the Rovers, unaware of events and Elsie tells her what's happened. Annie buys Dennis a drink as a reward for his actions. Len offers Elsie a no-strings relationship but she refuses. Doreen feels guilty for not helping Sheila more but Ena tells her it's not her fault. Swindley feels a sense of responsibility for leaving Gamma Garments's Rosamund Street branch and not being able to prevent events. He complains to Ena about the cleanliness of the Mission Hall but she's unconcerned. Len repairs the flat window. Frank's formidable shop flat tenant Ethel Tyson comes to the Rovers in search for him. He's just put her rent up but she tells him that she's refusing to pay it.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Leonard Swindley: "We've had our little brushes from time to time over the years. Minor skirmishes in the battle of life. Due in the main, and I freely admit this, to very high standard which I've set for myself and on which I insist in others. Some people have called me finicky..."
Ena Sharples: "I've 'eard 'em."

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