Alec learns from Paul Rigby that Bet and Stella are living it up in a hotel as they couldn't stand the regime at the health farm. Tracy is playing Jack's mother in the school panto. Ivy is annoyed when Audrey doesn't invite the Brennans for Christmas dinner. Bet returns to the Rovers, telling Alec and the customers what a wonderful time she had at the health farm. Bet is uncomfortable when Alec keeps going on about her looking healthy. She lays into him about Gloria leaving but he quietens her by going on about the health farm, making her feel guilty. Deirdre is contacted by Brian Roscoe who has no work and his family has been rehoused on the twelfth floor of the derelict Turner House. He urges her to find him somewhere else as the strain is upsetting his family. Audrey decides she doesn't want the Brennans for Christmas. Alan searches through Rita's drawers and steals the deeds to No.7 from a tin.


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