Episode 2892
Production code P694/1892
ITV transmission date 19th December 1988 (Monday)
Story associates Tom Elliott
Diane Culverhouse
Writer Brian Finch
Designer Stephen Graham
Director Ian White
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 14th December 1988
Next episode 21st December 1988


Deirdre is annoyed when mentally disturbed Brian Roscoe keeps phoning her up. Derek tells Mavis he'd like to throw a party on Christmas Eve to impress his boss - 'DP'. Bet is amazed when Alec plans to open the Rovers on Christmas Day. Roscoe calls at No.1 whilst Deirdre is out. Tracy lets him in. She is disturbed by his strange manner. Ivy is stunned when Audrey tells her she and Alf are going to a hotel for Christmas. Gail invites the Brennans to join them for the day. Ivy is pleased as she won't have to have Don's mother. Emily invites the Wiltons for Christmas. Ken is furious to find Roscoe alone with Tracy. He tells Roscoe he shouldn't bother Deirdre at home and throws him out. Ken shouts at Tracy for letting a stranger into the house. Ken accuses Deirdre of getting too involved with no hopers. Roscoe corners Deirdre again. She tells him she can't help him find another flat before Christmas.


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Guest castEdit



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