Alan makes Martin work hard installing alarms and plans to take Dawn Prescott out for lunch. Alec doesn't want to shop his clients because he could end up with no acts. Alan has to dump his lunch date with Dawn when Jenny turns up. Alec decides to pay the tax. Bet writes the £8,000 cheque because he finds it too painful. Dawn feels uncomfortable with Alan and feels his life is complicated. Derek doesn't want to buy a house because it's too expensive. Gail tells Ivy that she and Brian are leading separate lives. Their marriage is over, they don't love each other anymore.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Alan continues to exude confidence, until a simple mistake proves he's still having to walk a tightrope. And when Ivy finds herself accused of telling tales, she nearly causes a family rift.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 23,240,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).
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