Minnie is upset when the postman doesn't have anything for her on her birthday. Harry has to be in Carlisle for work on his wedding anniversary and promises to take Concepta out when he gets back. Concepta is annoyed that he thinks his work is too important to ask for the day itself free. Myra helps Doreen plan a farewell party. The residents wonder why she's signed up; Martha thinks she's after a man but Doreen tells Myra she'd like to see a bit of the world. Len and Jerry prepare No.13 for the new owners. Martha gets the wrong idea when Len tells her the newcomers are more than friends. Word spreads that Jerry and Myra are engaged. Concepta tells Lucille that she can't go to Doreen's party as she has to baby-sit Christopher. Minnie is overcome when she receives a birthday card from Jed in the second post. Jerry is amazed at the speed in which Myra plans things. Minnie lets them use No.5's parlour if they want to be on their own. Myra takes her up on the offer. Swindley considers holding the Chapel Street Mission's annual children's tea party at Glad Tidings when the former is demolished. Concepta agrees to let Lucille go to the party when her friend agrees to mind Christopher. Ethel Tyson pays her rent so as not to give Frank an excuse to throw her out. Jim Pickup passes it onto Frank and upsets the residents with his brutish manner. Lucille is curious about him and goes with him to the chip shop. Martha tells Minnie that Len has bought No.13 only for Jerry and Myra to reveal that they're the new owners. Jerry and Myra lay on a surprise birthday tea for Minnie, and fix the date - 19th October.


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