Vera makes a fuss of Curly. Mavis tells Derek she knows he's lost his job. He promises her everything will be alright. Ivy tells Alma she thinks Gail should leave the cafe to look after Nicky. Bet gets herself a solicitor. Alec is horrified as he thought she'd admit to adultery and beg forgiveness. Derek looks for a job. Jack agrees to let Curly stay for £10 a week. Rita persuades Mavis to stay on at The Kabin as she's the only breadwinner now. Colin Dearing, the solicitor, advises Bet to stay on at the Rovers. She wants to divorce Alec on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour and his relationship with Megan Morgan and her twelve budgies. Derek is determined to go ahead with buying the semi. He accuses Rita of panicking Mavis and tells her Mavis will be leaving The Kabin. As his counter-attack Alec tells Bet she's not dependable so she's fired from the Rovers.


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