Florrie receives a letter from Sheila. Dennis asks Florrie to let Walter live in the flat when Doreen leaves. Florrie says she's given somebody else first refusal but admits to Doreen that the real reason is that he doesn't earn steady wages singing. Lucille's friend lets her down meaning she has to baby-sit Christopher. Harry lays down the law when Lucille moans that she never gets to go anywhere. Swindley solicits help from Minnie and Martha for the children's party at the mission as Ena is at Vera's. Doreen gets Frank to brag that he's good with children to trick him into agreeing to baby-sit Christopher in Lucille's place. The residents get tired of Jim Pickup hanging around the Street. An embarrassed Frank lies to Swindley about his reason for missing the evening's PPOP meeting but Lucille gives the game away. Doreen wonders what she'll be doing in the army. She makes sure that Jerry isn't marrying Myra because Sheila turned him down. Harry borrows Frank's tie as he and Concepta set off for their anniversary dinner. Walter tucks into the food at the party before entertaining the guests. Swindley turns up to say goodbye and good luck to Doreen. Doreen is surprised and touched his kind words; she's always slagged him off.


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