Derek starts work at Chuckles Novelties. Mavis is evasive to Rita over what he's doing. Audrey puts pressure on Alf to get Bet out of the flat. Gail is pleased when Mike gives her advice over a partnership in the cafe. Nigel Ridley calls at the Rovers on a survey. He tells Alec that he knows all about his marital problems. Derek is upset when nobody is interested in the novelties. Alec is embarrassed when Megan flaunts herself in front of Nigel. Bet hates working at The Flying Horse. Derek forces Rita to stock his novelties at The Kabin. Mavis is embarrassed. Alma is impressed by Mike. He tells Gail that she'd be a fool not to buy into the cafe. Alec fears that Bet shopped him to the brewery and swears vengeance.


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