Megan Morgan is annoyed when Alec keeps her from the bar. Martin takes a part-time job at a petrol station. Alec visits The Flying Horse. When Marge the landlady tells him that Bet was unsuitable and was sacked Alec lays into her, telling her that Bet is a lady and not a trollop like herself. Gail tells Alma that she'll pay £9,000 for a 40% share of the cafe. Alma agrees and gets Gail to invite Mike for a celebration drink to cement the partnership. Vera has the house valued. She is horrified to discover that the stone cladding makes it less valuable. Mike shows Alma that he's interested in her. Alec accuses Bet of shopping him to the brewery. She hasn't the strength to fight him. They admit to each other that they miss each other. Mike takes Alma for an Italian meal. Audrey and Ivy go to the dog track with Lucky but are told that she can't race as she's heavily pregnant. Alec tells Bet he believes she wasn't unfaithful. They are reconciled and she tells him that he can stay the night with her.


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  • This episode marks the 1,000th appearance of Anne Kirkbride in the role of Deirdre Barlow.
  • TV Times synopsis: While Derek struggles to establish himself as an executive salesman, Mavis is beginning to wish she'd never let Rita into the secret of the nature of his merchandise. And it's a day at the races for Lucky the greyhound.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 18,910,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).
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