The Gilroys can't believe how near they came to losing each other. Deirdre tells Ken how stupid her committees are getting, thinking of inviting Batman and Prince Charles to open an abattoir but rejected them both. Bet refuses to return to the Rovers until Megan Morgan has left. Gail returns to working at the cafe. Alma enjoys her night out with Mike. Alec tells Megan that she must leave and she accuses him of using her. She agrees to accept financial compensation and leaves. Jack and Vera are flabbergasted to discover that Bet is back. Bet returns to the Rovers but she doesn't like the way she and Alec are being polite to each other. He offers her a delayed honeymoon. Ken prints an article "Weatherfield Council snub Prince Charles". Deirdre is annoyed as she told him as her husband. Vera accuses Jack of never achieving anything. She tells him that she pities him and that's why she stays with him.


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