Concepta and Val speculate who started the fire. Concepta thinks it was Jim but Val protects Lucille by not telling her stepmother that she was on a date with him at the time. Frank tells a shocked Ethel about the fire and the consequences for her if the flames had reached his paint stock. She accuses Frank of starting the fire himself for the insurance and threatens him with the newspapers. Emily thinks his reputation could be damaged. A troubled Lucille looks for Ken, supposedly for help with homework. Val tells her to come clean with Concepta. Frank determines to see Harry and Concepta about the alibi that Lucille provided for Jim but he can't bring himself to say anything when Harry comes into the shop. A furious Ethel tells George what Jim did. He's livid with his son for putting his auntie in danger and clips him round the ear. Ken calls on Lucille and makes her feel scared about the alibi she's giving Jim. She blurts out the truth, feeling guilty for doing so. Martha finds fault with the changes in No.13, comparing them negatively to Lily's house. Len is annoyed when Jerry asks him to redo some slipshod work. Myra allows Walter to rehearse in the house as he's providing the entertainment at the wedding for free. Lucille is down but cheers up when Myra invites her to the rehearsal. Frank threatens to call in the police unless Ethel vacates the flat in a week. They all agree, but only under furious protest from Ethel. Lucille tells Jim she confessed and can't see him again. Walter plays Rocky Mountain Belle. Mr Dickinson has booked a group to back him at the wedding. Swindley prints invitations for the children's partyt hasn't told Ena that it's being held at the Mission. With some dutch courage inside him, he and Emily go to see her. She refuses outright to have the party, accusing him of being drunk, and threatens to resign if the committee goes against her. After showing them out of the vestry, she collapses against the door in exhaustion.


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