Alec blames Tina for the fight in the pub but Bet backs her up. Mavis and Derek try to persuade Rita to take the day off. She refuses and breaks down. Bet goads Alec into trying to get compensation from Maurice Jones but he refuses. Alan gets into No.7 and moves the tin in which the mortgage deeds were held onto the table. Bet tells Alec to stop picking on Tina and face the real culprits. He does so - and bars Kevin, Sally and Mark Casey for good measure! Rita comes home and panics. She flees outside and makes Don call the Police. When they appear and spot a moved tin and no sign of a break-in, it starts to look as though Rita is cracking up. Bet persuades Jones to pay up. He also suggests a 5-a-side football match between the Rovers and the builders. Alec is pleased but Bet points out that he's barred half the team. Jenny hears about Rita calling the Police. Furious, she packs her bags and leaves No.7. Alan watches her go. Rita, fast breaking down, watches him from the upstairs window.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Maurice Jones has a suggestion to make to end the upheaval his labourers have caused. But will Alec accept it? And Rita makes an alarming discovery at Number 7.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 19,480,000 viewers (3rd place - combined figure including repeat).
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