Episode 2991
Episode 2991
Production code P694/1991
ITV transmission date 13th November 1989 (Monday)
Story editor Tom Elliott
Story associates Paul Abbott
Trevor Suthers
Writer Stephen Mallatratt
Designer David Butterworth
Director Brian Mills
Executive Producer David Liddiment
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 10th November 1989
Next episode 15th November 1989


Tina quite enjoys Eddie Ramsden following her around. Mike gets bored with not working. Dawn is pleased when her brother Robert Prescott flies in from Spain. Maurice Jones gets Alec to put a £25 bet on the football match. Alec tries to get Kevin and Mark to play but they refuse to return to the Rovers. Dawn fears that Robert and Mike won't get on and tries to keep them apart. Jack offers Kevin and Mark free drinks to return to the Rovers. They gladly return. Mavis worries when Rita doesn't arrive at work. Mike lays on a meal for Robert. Dawn and Robert go but she realises it was a mistake as Robert's success gets Mike annoyed. Robert thinks that Mike is a failure in life.


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