The police interview Ena about the break-in. Annie's had a restless night, predicting a crime wave, but Jack is certain that the perpetrator had a grudge against Ena. Walter is alarmed to hear the police are investigating on the street and warns Dennis, who assures Elsie that he's innocent. Ena's forced to admit to Detective Sergeant Bowen that many of the neighbours have a grievance with her. Emily's shocked by the state of the Vestry and feels responsible because of the meeting. Len's suffering from a terrible hangover. Val can't find Albert and wonders where he's got to. Ena breaks down and feels unwell. Annie explains to Bowen about Ena's dispute over the use of the vestry for the children's party. The Doctor diagnoses arteriosclerosis and prescribes tablets and rest. The police decide the intruder must have used a key to enter the vestry. Swindley informs them that Len has one for carrying out repair work. Harry and Concepta tease Len about his hangover. Len admits he can't remember a single thing about last night. Minnie invites Ena to move in with her. Ena agrees and they make friends. Len's perturbed to learn that the police want to question him.


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Jack Walker: Eh, 'ave you 'eard about Mrs. Sharples?"
Len Fairclough: "Aye, I bumped into that guitar-playing skeleton, what's his name?"

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