Episode 3013
Episode 3013
Production code P694/2013
ITV transmission date 3rd January 1990 (Wednesday)
Story editor Tom Elliott
Story associates Diane Culverhouse
Trevor Suthers
Writer Adele Rose
Designer Stephen Graham
Director Richard Holthouse
Executive Producer David Liddiment
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 1st January 1990
Next episode 5th January 1990


Deirdre tells Tracy not to call or visit Ken and wait for him to get in touch. Tracy insists he would never go live with Wendy. Derek re-organises the videos at the Kabin to give himself something to do. Alec draws a blank on how to find Tim Arden and decides to contact his ex-wife Joyce. The residents find out about the Barlows' split. Jim makes Steve skivvy at the shop for the day to make amends. Wendy helps Ken get the Recorder out. Tracy goes to the office to see him but stops when she sees him going off with Wendy. She's upset to see them holding hands. Alf and Jim blame Maurice Jones for the JCB incident and he agrees to pay half for the window, with the twins paying the other half. Emily warns Deirdre about putting her pride before Tracy. Jenny visits the Street when Sally calls her, worried about Rita. Tracy tells Deirdre she wishes Wendy was dead. Sally brings Jenny into the Rovers, knowing Rita will be there. Jenny refuses to talk to her. Alec gets Sandra's address from Joyce and makes plans to see her. Martin takes Don's place at a show with Ivy, Nicky and Sarah. Ivy doesn't like the arrangement but doesn't protest as the kids want him there. Don's taxi is stolen whilst he's in a betting shop.


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