Don lies in wait outside a block of flats for Joe Egerton, the lad who stole his taxi. He arrives with two friends and a scuffle breaks out, however, when the police arrive Joe accuses Don of assaulting him. Alec wonders if Bet is right about Sandra and he's left it too late to make amends. Ivy is worried when Don fails to arrive home. The police accuse Don of kerb crawling to get him to admit to hitting Joe. He's stunned when he's charged with assault and kept in a cell overnight. Joe is released without charge as he denies stealing the cab. Ken is embarrassed when he arrives at No.1 to discover that Deirdre has changed the locks and he can't get in. Eddie asks Tina to go to France with him. Ken tells Deirdre he's sold the Recorder and offers to pay off the house's mortgage and give her maintenance for Tracy, in exchange for not dragging him through the courts. Deirdre accepts, but tells him he's a fool to make so many sacrifices for Wendy. Tracy gives him the silent treatment. Don is bitter at the way the police have treated him. Against expectations, Sandra accepts Alec's dinner invitation. Alec decides he was worrying about nothing. Mike's accountant tells him that he'll have to start up business again from scratch if he wants to make money.


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  • TV Times synopsis: As Ken and Deirdre finally talk about the future, what will the outcome be? Mike faces up to his financial situation and makes a big decision.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 21,360,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).
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