Episode 3030
Production code P694/2030
ITV transmission date 12th February 1990 (Monday)
Story editor Barry Hill
Story associates Diane Culverhouse
Trevor Suthers
Writer Stephen Mallatratt
Designer Stephen Graham
Director Ian White
Executive Producer David Liddiment
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 9th February 1990
Next episode 14th February 1990


Derek is agitated about moving out of The Kabin flat and feels Rita is betraying them. Alma is shocked that Mike is willing to lose money to get back at his workers. He assures her he has a long-term plan and tells her to get on Gail's good side. Emily mans a machine to help out Ivy when Marge Butler takes the day off. Audrey tries to learn more about the new neighbours from a peeved Maurice Jones. Rita promises Mavis that she won't sell up until they've found a house. Derek is pleased when Victor asks him to accompany him to Halifax on business, until he discovers he's only there as a chauffeur. He's further humiliated when Victor gives Mavis a lift. Ingram tells Ivy the travel agency has cancelled their contract with him - they've been undercut. Ivy is furious. Mike tells Alma he wants to use her flat as a machine room. Alma is against it but he wears her down. Derek thinks Victor is trying to belittle him. Just wed, Des and Steph Barnes move into No.6, already rowing over his drunkenness. Steph locks Des out when he bangs her head on the door while carrying her over the threshold.


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