Derek is paranoid that Victor is using Mavis as a pawn to humiliate him. The cafe customers complain about the dust and noise. Derek intends to confront Victor but Victor once again turns his head with flattery and extra responsibilities, telling him he's in charge of the office when he's not there. Gail warns Alma not to leave her on her own again. Rita sees Flick at the poly and discovers that Jenny has locked herself in her room. Alf and Audrey go house-hunting. Rita knocks on Jenny's door until she answers it. Jenny is hostile at first but when Rita says she cares about her she breaks down and they make up. Alf secures 5 Grasmere Drive for £3,000 less than the asking price. Victor makes Derek stay late at the warehouse to take possession of a guard dog. Tina is puzzled when Eddie cancels a date with her without giving a reason. Victor uses Derek's absence to have tea with an unsuspecting Mavis. Tina discovers Jamie's mother Marie has turned up and been sent packing by Eddie's mother. Eddie is worried she'll come back for Jamie. Jim Buckley leaves the Alsatian with Derek. Derek realises Victor lied about the time of the appointment. Mavis phones Derek but he's trapped by the Alsatian. When he frees himself he tells Mavis that Victor is trying to seduce her.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Rita starts to interfere in Jenny’s life again. Percy gets a little extra with his tea cake - but will he be grateful?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 18,850,000 viewers (9th place - combined figure including repeat).
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