Derek accuses Mavis and Victor of adultery and throws Victor out. He tells Mavis he wants a divorce. Audrey prepares a special 'leaving flat' meal and vows to rid Alf of his penny-pinching ways. Percy complains to Mike that his operations caused plaster to fall from the ceiling while he was eating at the cafe. Mike is dismissive. Alf suspects the shop rumour wasn't all down to Jack. He drops it when Alec threatens to fire Jack if he wants. Drowning his sorrows in the Rovers, Derek tells Rita he caught Mavis and Victor together. Rita gets the full story from Mavis and assures Derek that she was being naive and is not unfaithful. Audrey and Alf celebrate their move with Gail, Martin and Ivy. Derek tells Mavis he knows that she is innocent and he's going to resign from PPP. Marie Lancaster turns up and tells Eddie she wants Jamie. Marie hears Alec complaining about Jamie's crying in the Rovers but Tina says it's hers.


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