Sally thinks the Barnes are exciting. Des thinks Steph teasing Kevin is a good joke. Ken is disappointed that that Tracy situation has ended up with Deirdre calling the shots. Tracy thinks Ken and Deirdre can't afford to spend money on her as they're running two houses. Editor of the Gazette free sheet, Jeff Richmond, is annoyed that Ken postponed a meeting to deal with personal problems. Percy is reluctant to go out in his wheelchair as he thinks he'll feel like a cripple. Mavis is excited about her move to No.4. Don worries about his court case on Friday. Jeff turns down Ken's idea to take aerial photographs of the town for the Gazette, calling it expensive and gimmicky. Steph asks Kevin to fix her bedside lamp. Kevin can't cope with her flirting although Mark thinks it's hilarious. Ken accuses Jeff of blocking all of his ideas and threatens to resign. Jeff accepts his resignation. Phyllis drags Percy out for a run in the wheelchair. Kevin thinks Steph is laughing at him and waits until Des is home to return the lamp. Percy observes his stand-in on the crossings to make sure she's doing a proper job. Privately, he worries he's lost his job for good. Deirdre decides to get on with her life and treats herself and Tracy to dinner. Ken is furious when Jeff sends Wendy to a meeting in his place without consulting him. Phyllis pushes Percy down a hill when he calls her mutton dressed as lamb. Ken thinks Jeff sees him as a threat and decides to talk to Ted Lucas, over Jeff's head.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Mavis Wilton is about to achieve her long-awaited dream, while Ken Barlow's life seems to be turning into a nightmare as he reaches yet another crossroads.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 20,200,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).

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Deirdre Barlow: "I fancy meself in a ginormous pair of gypsy earrings... big enough to make even Bet Gilroy's eyes pop out. What do you say?"
Tracy Barlow: "Brilliant! Can we afford it?"
Deirdre Barlow: "Oh, I'm talking Woolworths sweetheart, not Gucci."

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