Kevin refuses to flirt with Steph - he's staying true to Sally. Percy trawls the local area inspecting the wheelchair facilities, keeping a note of his findings. Don and Ivy go to court. Ivy urges Don to drop the injured party act. Percy runs over Alec's foot outside the shop. Mark tries to flirt with Steph but she gives him the runaround. Percy notices the lack of wheelchair access in the town and decides to ask Ken to write an article for the Gazette, although Mavis is disappointed to hear that No.4 is wheelchair-friendly. Don is fined £50 and has to pay costs. He is bitter that he now has a criminal record. Ken tells Ted Lucas that Jeff Richmond isn't letting him do his job. Ted refuses to interfere with Jeff's running of the paper. Phyllis is exhausted pushing Percy around. Percy mows over Alec again. Ken is pleased that he left the Gazette with his dignity intact. He sours when he hears Jeff has implemented one of his ideas and given Wendy extra responsibilities - he tells her she'll end up doing his job for less money. Steph announces a housewarming party. Percy complains about wheelchair access in the Rovers. Alec loses his temper when Percy crushes his foot for a third time and bars him and his wheelchair, to everyone's horror.


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Alec Gilroy (about Percy Sugden): "'Course e's alright, 'e's flamin' well armour plated!"


Des Barnes (about Kevin Webster): "He's got as much sex drive as Postman Pat."


Percy Sugden: "Now there's a thing you don't think about yer see... the bar is far too high.
Alec Gilroy: "It's got to be that high - by law.
Percy Sugden: "Has it?"
Alec Gilroy: "Yes. Protection of Awkward Customers Act, 1881. It's to help stop landlords leaning over and throttling 'em!"

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