Walter causes a queue in the Corner Shop when he forgets what his order from Dennis is. Lucille wants to know when he's going to give up window cleaning and get his career moving as the "Bret Falcon" fan club needs something to invigorate it. He tells her he's having professional photographs shot today. Ken has gone on the trail of the vestry vandal. Jerry returns to work as he and Myra are back from honeymoon in Torquay. He finds Len in a morose mood but is warned off saying anything by Alf. Elsie brings him up to speed on events. The Booths lodge with Jerry's parents as their furniture hasn't arrived yet. Len is livid when the Mission contract goes to Roscoe & Pitts. Jerry remembers a boy looking round the yard and Len pushes him for details. He takes him to Bessie Street School to see if Jerry can identify him where he sees Michael Butterworth. The Schoolmaster makes him turn his pockets out and the Mission key is found in them. Ena tells Len that she always knew he was innocent. Dennis receives phone calls of complaint from club managers about Lenny Phillips's acts and can't find the time to see to Walter's photographs. Walter wonders if Lenny knows about him but Dennis makes it clear that he's a Dennis Tanner Enterprises' employee. Frank business is going well and he considers opening another shop but needs a manager. Alf puts his name forward. Len feels sorry for Michael, coming from separated parents and with a drunken father. It makes him think of Stanley growing up without him. Dennis asks Myra to ask her dad for tips as to how to promote Walter's career further. Walter wants to know when he'll begin recording. Lenny rings Dennis and tells him he's sending his partner, Laurie Frazer, to sort things out in the Northern office. Walter's photographs are printed and he sets about signing them, getting under Elsie's feet. Dennis is depressed about Laurie's imminent arrival.


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