The Wiltons arrive at the pet cemetery although Mavis is upset that there is no security and Harriet being buried next to a cat. She decides she wants her buried in the back garden instead. Kevin is fed up with Sally laying the blame at his door and convinces her that Steph is the one she should be angry with. Sally accepts that he doesn't fancy Steph. Maurice Jones sends joiner Dave Barton to fix No.4's radiator. Tracy entertains the twins and cooks chips. Jenny is fed up living in the halls and asks Rita if she was serious about renting No.7 to her and Flick. Rita assures her it was a genuine offer. The pan catches light and Steve calls for help. Dave comes to the rescue and puts out the fire while Derek calls the fire brigade. Sally threatens to get her own back on Steph. Jenny and Flick arrive with their things to move in right away. Deirdre is stunned when she returns home from a council meeting and finds Ken in No.1's gutted kitchen. When she asks about Tracy, Ken lays into her for leaving Tracy on her own, calling her a latch key kid. He launches into a furious tirade, accusing her of nearly killing Tracy with her council nonsense, like she killed their marriage.


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