Frank asks Len for an estimate for doing up the shop flat now that Ethel Tyson has left. Lucille is excited to buy Walter's record when it comes out. Dennis doesn't think anything will come of his trip to London. Laurie is annoyed to find that 20% of the acts on the books haven't paid their commissions and tells Dennis to chase them up. Laurie is interested to hear that Elsie is unattached and doesn't go out much. Emily offers to see Frank afterwards to help him with his books. Frank tells Val that he wasn't definite about getting another shop but he doesn't think Alf will be anything as drastic as handing in his notice. However in the Rovers, Alf tells Jack, Len and Albert that everything is now settled and his luck has changed. Len confides in Albert Frank's true intentions. Swindley rings Ena at the Rovers about moving back into the vestry. Walter rings Dennis at the agency but Laurie takes the call. He checks the books, finds he's not listed and orders Dennis to add him to them. Albert decides he has to tell Alf about Frank's idle boasts. Jerry continues to make improvements on No.13. Dennis is afraid that his business is being taken over lock, stock and barrel. Alf is told the truth of the matter by Albert and is angry with Frank for misleading him. Albert asks him not to tell Frank that he was the one who told him. Elsie finds Dennis in a depressed state about losing Walter. Frank tells Alf he will open expand his business eventually, assuaging Alf's anger. Laurie turns up at No.11 with his car and Elsie agrees to go out with him.


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