Episode 3079
Production code P694/2079
ITV transmission date 8th June 1990 (Friday)
Story editor Tom Elliott
Story associates Trevor Suthers
Elizabeth Malpas
Writer Adele Rose
Designer Chris Truelove
Director Oliver Horsbrugh
Executive Producer David Liddiment
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 6th June 1990
Next episode 11th June 1990


Kimberley spends the night in the Duckworths' bed, to Curly's disappointment. Bet thinks Alec could start up his agency again. He refuses and breaks down, telling her that he wanted to provide a nice retirement for them both. Sally thinks the necklace can't be the same one. Brenda Taylor catches Kimberley at No.9 in her dressing gown. She refuses to believe nothing happened and drags Kimberley home. Bet pleads with Deirdre not to sell and tells her that Alec is on course for a heart attack. Deirdre refuses. Kimberley asks Curly to state his intentions to her parents. Mark refuses to discuss the necklace with Kevin. The residents nominate Jim and Mavis to see Nigel Ridley to put their case, although Percy would have preferred to go. Mark tells Kevin that he found the necklace on the garage floor. Kevin tells him to get it back. Nigel refuses to listen to Mavis and Jim, and Mavis tells him what she thinks of him. Jim later tells everyone he lost his temper. Mark discovers that Flick has given the chain to a charity shop. Nigel accuses the Gilroys of being unhelpful and tells them that they won't be getting a new pub. Bet threatens to strike but Nigel threatens to throw them out.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



  • TV Times synopsis: Mavis shows uncharacteristic wrath in the face of officialdom while Bet, fearing for her marriage, makes a passionate plea.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 18,500,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).
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