Episode 307
Production code P228/307
ITV transmission date 20th November 1963 (Wednesday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Writer Tony Warren
Designer Denis Parkin
Director Christopher McMaster
Producer Margaret Morris
Previous episode 18th November 1963
Next episode 25th November 1963


Walter returns from London at 2.30am, and tells Dennis all about the exciting time he had making the record. Tipsy Elsie and Laurie arrive home late after a night at the club. Dennis is put out when Elsie introduces Walter to Laurie, who’s intrigued to hear about his visit to London. Albert agrees to look after Frank’s shop, as Alf has left him in the lurch. Word spreads that Frank didn’t get his second shop. Walter shows off the new clothes bought for him in London. Laurie makes some phone calls to ascertain how Walter’s recording session went. Dennis feels Laurie is muscling in on his discovery. Lucille calls into the shop and asks Frank to make some members’ badges for Walter’s fan club. Jack and Annie bemoan the lack of trade at the Rovers. Dennis feels sidelined when Laurie vows to propel Walter into the big time. The record, Not Too Little, Not Too Much, arrives and they play it for Walter, who giddily mimes along. Laurie smells a hit.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit


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