The Gilroys spend their last night in the Rovers. Betty and Tina clean the bar for them. Bet looks back fondly on her 20 years at the Rovers, and the pride she felt at taking over Annie's job. The residents row with the brewery officials as they reclaim the pub. Tina locks the doors as a show of defiance but Alec allows them inside, seeing no point in resisting. Bet, Alec, Betty and Tina are moved to the living quarters as a relief manager, Roger Woodhouse, takes over the bar. Curly buys Kimberley an engagement ring. Cecil Newton turns up and puts a stop to his nephew's plans as regards Yankees, telling the Gilroys that the Rovers is still theirs. Bet kisses him. Nigel is furious and calls Cecil a fossil but realises he's beaten. As the regulars celebrate, Deirdre feels alone and an outcast. Bet feels no sympathy for her. Alec gives everybody a first drink on the house but waits until they've ordered to tell them. Vera returns alone from holiday, having left Jack in Wales.


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