Vera and Jack row over who's fault the previous row was. Curly swears never to bring anyone round again. Steve goes down with stomach ache. Andy jokes to Ken that it's from the food at the cafe. Derek decides he needs good quality soil for the garden. Kimberley snubs Vera at work, upset at her parents being exposed to the row - "Daddy" needed two cups of cocoa before he recovered. Mrs Jeffers asks Ken to keep his personal problems out of the school. Ken is relieved when Emily tells him Dave didn't go to Scarborough with Deirdre and Tracy. Ken offhandedly mentions the cafe causing Steve's bug to Percy, who spreads the word. The Wiltons aren't sure how much soil to order so Derek decides on a truck load. Alma and Gail ban Percy from the cafe when Jack tells them about the gossip. Vera worries that Curly thinks she's common. Jack comforts her. The Taylors offer Curly their spare room to rent and railroad him into accepting.


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Mavis Wilton (about Derek Wilton): "He's even taken to reading gardening books in bed."
Rita Fairclough: "Well, let's face it, you've gotta do summat in bed, 'aven't yer?"

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