Mike advises Alma to get Gail to make up her mind over cafe or find a new partner. Alf is certain he's going to be bankrupted by the Bettabuy bus. Steve tells Liz that he hopes to get a job with motorbikes. Joanne listens to music instead of helping out Flick and Jenny. Martin brings Gail home. Alma struggles with Phyllis at the cafe and is relieved when Audrey arrives to lend a hand. Curly has the bus driven down the Street. He hives all the shoppers' vouchers. Sally watches in horror as Alf tries to stop the bus by standing in its path. Curly refuses to argue the matter in front of customers. Andy is thrilled when Joanne agrees to him showing her around. Alf goes to Bettabuy to see Reg about the bus. Reg sees him coming and hides. Emily is embarrassed when he corners her but refuses to apologise for shopping there. Andy pretends that Steve is his younger brother and that he's left school to impress Joanne but she thinks he should stick at it. Jenny and Flick look for jobs. Liz suspects Andy of having a girlfriend. Alf accuses Reg of enticing his customers away. He threatens him with eviction from the flat unless the bus is re-routed.


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