Episode 3098
Episode 3098
Production code P694/2098
ITV transmission date 23rd July 1990 (Monday)
Story editor Paul Abbott
Story associates Trevor Suthers
Elizabeth Malpas
Writer Barry Hill
Designer Chris Truelove
Director Brian Mills
Executive Producer David Liddiment
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 20th July 1990
Next episode 25th July 1990


Curly is tired of Vera interfering in his life. He refuses to go into work, taking his due holiday. The McDonalds and Flick discover that the kids have gone and taken Jim's bike. Bet and Alec each feel betrayed by the other. Reg visits Curly at home to make it clear that Vera had nothing to do with him losing the Hartlepool job. He tells him that Head Office want him to computerise their Bettabuy branch and tells him to be back at work tomorrow. Jim refuses to inform the police as they'll throw the book at Steve for riding an untaxed bike underage. Steve and Joanne arrive at Ullswater, in the Lake District. Flick has to lie to her dad and says that they have to look after The Kabin. Jenny assures her that Joanne will get homesick and come back. Curly feels that he's had enough of Reg, the Taylors and Vera trying to run his life. Liz confides in Deirdre and breaks down with worry. Joanne wants to phone Flick to set her mind at ease but Steve tells her not to. Bet and Alec refuse to talk to each other. Kevin and Sally encourage Curly to stand up for himself. Liz discovers that Steve has taken £20 from the house. Steve and Joanne spend the night in an empty house.


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