Joanne refuses to tell anyone what happened and refuses to tell Liz where Steve is. Tracy thinks Deirdre isn't going to the wedding to get back at Ken. Gail feels guilty that Martin is thinking about taking out a bank loan to buy a car. Jenny and Flick pack for France. Joanne opens up to Jenny due to Jenny being through something similar in France in 1987. Joanne says nothing happened between her and Steve but the men who picked her up were creepy. Audrey discovers there is a car for sale at the garage for £2,000. Joanne gives Liz the address of the hotel in the Lake District. Jenny and the Khans set off to France, via Canterbury. Rita lends Liz her car to go to the Lakes. Deirdre blames Ken for Tracy siding against her and accuses him of being too embarrassed to tell Peter and Susan that he had an affair. She throws him out when he calls Dave a lout. Derek criticises Rita for letting an hysterical woman drive her car. Audrey buys the Ford Escort 1.1 Popular for Gail and Martin. Kimberley is devastated when Curly tells her he can't make Barmouth. Liz finds Steve and he agrees to come home.


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