Jim isn't talking to Steve. Tracy is upset, having heard Deirdre reject Ken. Martin warns Alma that he won't let her give him the runaround at the cafe. Kimberley arranges to visit Curly in Milton Keynes at weekends but he's quick to add that he'll busy the weekend she's in Barmouth. Vera is upset that he wouldn't rather come home. Jack thinks Des is giving him tips on the horses and starting putting bets on. Mike feels stifled being under Peter Ingram's thumb and tells Alma he plans to start his own business with a frontman. Alma doesn't think he'll get away with it. Dave tackles Deirdre about her feelings for Ken. She tells him she doesn't want Ken back. Martin is annoyed when Alma takes no notice of his warning and has a long lunch with Mike. Deirdre tells Dave that she'd like to have a few days away with him whilst Ken and Tracy are in Portsmouth. Steve refuses to make the first move with Jim as he thinks he only cares about the bike. Jack starts winning on the horses. Ken and Tracy leave for Peter's wedding. Steve tells Jim where the bike is. Mike makes himself Managing Director of Phoenix Fashions and tells Alma never to mention his name if the phone rings. Deirdre and Dave look forward to their break.


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Vera Duckworth: "D'you know, if I weren't married to you, I could be livin' with a rich man."
Jack Duckworth: "If I weren't married to you, I would be a rich man."

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