Episode 3109
Production code P694/2109
ITV transmission date 17th August 1990 (Friday)
Story editor Tom Elliott
Story associates Elizabeth Malpas
Jayne Hollinson (Credited as "Jane Hollinson")
Writer John Stevenson
Designer Chris Truelove
Director Oliver Horsbrugh
Executive Producer David Liddiment
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 15th August 1990
Next episode 20th August 1990


Peter Ingram is in Intensive Care, having had a heart attack. Vera sprays 'Get lost you Yupis' with shaving foam on Des' car. Tina starts thinking she's indispensable and asks Alec for a pay rise. He flatly declines. Ralph Dobson announces that Ingram is dead. Bet gives Tina the night off to go on a date. Mike starts exceeding his authority at Ingram's Textiles and handles important phone calls, telling maintenance that they now answer to him. Offering his condolences to Jackie, he tells her not to worry about the factory. Des doesn't want to drink in the Rovers because of the Duckworths but Steph won't be chased out of her local. Mike tells Alma his contract was with the firm and not Ingram so it still stands. The Wiltons settle in for a relaxing evening at home. Vera accuses the Barnes' of pulling her stone cladding off. When Steph insults her she throws a piece of the cladding at their house but it misses and smashes the Wiltons' window.


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