Episode 3169
Production code P694/2169
ITV transmission date 2nd January 1991 (Wednesday)
Story editor Tom Elliott
Story associates Trevor Suthers
Elizabeth Malpas
Graham Carlisle
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Chris Truelove
Director Brian Mills
Executive Producer David Liddiment
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 31st December 1990
Next episode 4th January 1991


Ken continues to swallow the tablets. Bet suspects someone is in No.1 and lets herself in through the back door. She finds Ken and goes to call an ambulance, forcing him to tell her that he's only taken three tablets so far. She refuses to leave until he tells her why he wants to kill himself. Alec is annoyed when she calls the Rovers to say she'll be away for a while and gives him no explanation. Ken breaks down, telling Bet that he had everything and threw it all away. He feels lonely and embarrassed that Bet's seen him at such a low ebb. Bet doesn't judge Ken and tells him that she once tried to do the same thing. He can't understand why Deirdre won't forgive him. She tells him that he can't make her love him. Mavis makes a (drunken) New Year's resolution not to worry when Derek has to see Angela Hawthorne for work. Bet makes Ken see that he won't achieve anything by dying and has to go forward. After returning to the Rovers, she doesn't settle until she hears Ken leave No.1. She realises how much she loves Alec and tells him. The next morning, Ken is grateful that Bet stopped him. They agree never to tell anyone what happened. The Websters grow aggravated by Rosie's continual crying. Emily and Rita go to the tea dance and find Reg there. Mike gets the cold shoulder from Martin. Reg tells Rita that he's separated from his wife and makes it clear that he's interested in her. She does not feel the same way. Victor tells Derek that he has to go to Darlington on a business visit with Angela. Derek expects Mavis to be fine with it but she holds back the tears.


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