Kevin tells Sally the garage insurance won't cover the accident as he was doing a foreigner. Ken gets onto Alf about the faulty water heater in the shop flat. Alf thinks he's not looking after it. Curly tells Kimberley there's been no answer to her transfer request yet. Kevin tells Mark about the accident and asks him to put it on the garage's insurance. Mark says he'll think about it. Audrey feels bored as Alf tries to teach her shop management. Angie tells Rita about Jenny and Mark's split. Terry Seymour gives Kevin a bill for £1,250. Kevin is confident that Mark will help him out. Reg tries to give Rita a bundle of raffle tickets for the trolley dash but she'll only take one. Kimberley decides to contact Head Office and find out why her request is taking so long. Curly admits that he didn't send it and rips it up in front of her. Mark tells Kevin he won't claim off the insurance as it's against the law and Kevin let him down over Jenny. Tracy helps Ken write a list of repairs that he wants doing to the flat. Alf thinks it's excessive. Mike tells Alma he's moving in with Jackie and asks her to remove the rest of her things from his flat. Alf agrees to check Ken's water heater. The Websters don't know how they're going to pay the money.


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