A mournful Jack feels responsible for his pigeons' deaths as he didn't fix the lock on the gate. He assumes a cat got in but Jim believes it must have been a larger animal. Sally worries about bailiffs. She isn't impressed when Kevin vows to break the legs of anyone who tries to enter the house. Vera returns to work at Bettabuy. Alec can't resist making a crack at Jack when he tells him how he communes with his pigeons. Audrey sees how upset Sally is and advises her not to bottle up her problems. Percy theorises that the Rovers and Corner Shop are attracting vermin. Alec tells him there's a puma on the loose to make him forget the idea. Mavis is upset by the gossip over the pigeon killer. Reg can't control Curly at work. Curly keeps calling Kimberley "Jezebel". Angie plans a party for Jenny's birthday. Reg gives Curly a dressing down and orders him to transfer Kimberley for his own good. Mavis worries that "Foxy Freddie" is the pigeon killer and that the neighbours will trap it. Kimberley threatens to tell Head Office that she's being harrassed. Curly agrees to her transfer to Bolton and is glad to be rid of her. Kevin is angry when Sally tells her mum about their problem. Percy hears from a friend that there's a fox roaming around the area. Mrs Seddon offers to give the Websters the money. Sally is furious when Kevin refuses.


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Reg Holdsworth (to Curly Watts): "For Bettabuy's sake, you are going to take that bull by the horns, wipe the slate clean with it, and turn over a sparkling new penny - have I made myself clear?"

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