Ken asks Andy not to give up school; he's too bright. Jim resists the temptation to start another row with Ken. Mike agrees to view a house in the country with Jackie. Ivy assumes a wedding is in the offing as they won't want people gossiping about them. Liz is surprised when Deirdre asks her to be her agent in the elections. Jim is annoyed that Andy blames him for the book backfiring; for talking in the Rovers about it. Gail offers to baby-mind Rosie for Sally so that she can return to work part-time. Des offers Angie £5 an hour to clean the house but she refuses as it's a tip. Jackie thinks it makes sense for her to marry Mike and gets him to propose. Audrey thinks Gail needs to get out of the house and offers Martin Alf's money to take Gail out while she baby-sits the kids. Mike and Jackie view the house. Emily expects to be Deirdre's agent again and is upset when she discovers that Liz is. Deirdre thought she'd be busy running the charity shop. Jim hears that his mother in Belfast has taken a bad turn and makes plans to see her immediately. Martin sees that Gail would like to return to cafe and offers to take her place looking after the children, as he promised to do when she got pregnant with David.


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Angie Freeman: "That's your answer to everything in't it? Well I don't agree with it and I'm not doing it."
Des Barnes: "Why not?"
Angie Freeman: "I'll tell you why not, Des. Your sort... you're all wine bars and skiing holidays and XR3i's, but behind yer lace curtains and double glazing you're just a slob, aren't yer?"

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