With a new roundabout being built, all the town's traffic is diverted down Rosamund Street. With Emily away, Myra helps at Gamma Garments. Elsie puts pressure on Dennis to get a job. Jack thinks Joan should be sent home. Joan tells Concepta that Gordon is against them having children and won't let her work. He treats her like a child. Dennis plans to open a club but no one will back him. Jack tells Joan she must stand against the Davies' and makes her see that her marriage will not be a bed of roses. She agrees to return to Gordon. Elsie is shocked when Dennis agrees to go for a labouring job at Amalgamated Steel in the despatch department.


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  • TV Times synopsis: The New Year brings problems for Annie and a chance of promotion for Kenneth
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 9,092,000 homes (2nd place). For the first time since November 1961, Coronation Street was beaten to the first place by an episode of another regular television programme as the return of Steptoe and Son claimed 9,481,000 homes viewing for the BBC.
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