Martin wonders why the new lease is with a company called Alcazar Holdings when it was Weatherfield Estates before and thinks Gail ought to be more suspicious of Mike. Gail is just relieved that she won't lose the cafe. Vera is adamant that Joss is her dad and dismisses Jack's evidence to the contrary. Steph asks Phyllis to pick up her holiday photos and say she misplaced the receipt. Gail and Alma celebrate keeping the cafe. Alma is amazed that Gail got the landlord to change his mind. Mike suggests to Jackie that they marry this Saturday. They set the date for 5th July; Jackie's birthday. Phyllis goes to the print shop to find that Des has already collected the photos. Jack wants to know whether Vera and Joss having different blood types means they aren't related and calls in at the blood centre, where he ends up giving blood. He tells Dr Bannerman his problem and learns that they could be father and daughter. Joss works out that Jack has been donating blood when he sees the plaster on his arm. Jack says he went through public spirit but Vera knows he only did so to get rid of Joss and makes him apologise. Through the photos, Des discovers that Clive Parnell holidayed with Steph. Steph insists that Clive being at the resort was a coincidence and she can't stand him. Des doesn't buy her unlikely story and accuses her of having an affair with him, packs and leaves.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Jackie and Mike make some plans for the future, but is he really considering her long-term happiness?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,580,000 viewers (6th place - combined figure including repeat).

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Phyllis Pearce: '"When I was a girl we never had tissues. Carbolic soap and cold water... that was yer lot."
Stephanie Barnes: "For blowin' yer nose?"
Phyllis Pearce: "Oh, I thought you meant for takin' yer make-up off."

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