Alf, Alec and Deirdre look forward to the day's local election. Audrey minds the shop and Vivian Barford arrives to lend Alf a hand and moral support. Curly is perturbed to hear from Raquel that her photographer's specialities are swimwear and lingerie. Ken extends Alf an olive branch when he sees him at the polling station. Alf rejects it and tells Ken not to vote for him. A major manufacturer shows interest in Angie's designs. Jack asks for time off to vote before giving away the fact that he's never voted before. Don arrives at the Rovers with a copy of the Gazette. The headline reads: "Councillor's husband threatens opponent" accompanied by a very large photograph. Deirdre is appalled to read the article, which attacks her for being more interested in jet-setting off to Paris than her constituents. Emily and Tracy urge her not to give up and to take to the streets and set the record straight. Alec admits to Bet that he told the reporter about Paris. Raquel leaves work early for her session with the photographer, agreeing to make it up to Curly afterwards. Deirdre asks Phil to lie low. He agrees to wait until the polls close before killing Alec. Curly doesn't hear from Raquel. Phil asks Bet to tell Alec that he was never really interested in the Graffiti Club. The results are announced at the Town Hall: Alf wins with 1,515 votes to Deirdre's 904. Audrey is annoyed at Vivian's presence when the two jostle for a place with Alf on the platform and runs off.


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