The Coronation Street drought enters its third day. Joss has moved back to his own flat. Ivy is furious with herself and her mouth. Percy assumes the water at the shop is free and accuses Alf of profiteering when he's charged 35p for each bottle. Audrey takes the day off as she's sick of hearing about water. Raquel is annoyed that Curly doesn't seem to mind that she ditched him, remembering how broken up he was after Kimberley. Alec bars Mavis from the Rovers for not helping with the water. Deirdre gets at Alf for letting the water situation drag on. Alf gives Ivy a job at the shop when she sticks up for him. Derek parks his car over Alec's hosepipe, cutting off the water supply. Alec is forced to apologise for barring Mavis and gives them free drinks. Alf is delighted when his bottles of water sell out despite the bad blood from the residents. He orders more. Jackie tackles Mike about "Alcazar Holdings" in the accounts. He tells her that it's a small holding company for tax purposes. Audrey assumes that Ivy is replacing her at the shop and is horrified when Alf tells her that they've to work together while he's on Council business. The water is turned back on. Angie and Curly find themselves kissing again. The Duckworths find No.9 flooded; Vera left the bath taps on.


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