Episode 3227
Episode 3227
Production code P694/2227
ITV transmission date 17th May 1991 (Friday)
Story editor Trevor Suthers
Story associates Graham Carlisle
Elizabeth Malpas
Writer Adele Rose
Designer Chris Truelove
Director Richard Signy
Executive Producer David Liddiment
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 15th May 1991
Next episode 20th May 1991


Mavis is annoyed that the parsnips didn't arouse Derek. Derek rubs salt in the wound by calling her a "housewife par-excellence" for her parsnip surprise. Tracy wants Deirdre to marry Phil so they'll be rich. Mavis tells Rita she feels more like a mother to Derek than a wife. She needs to know that he finds her sexually attractive. Deirdre goes for the telesales interview. She's expected to use her personality to attract customers. Ivy suggests that Alf open evenings and offers to do the hours. Deirdre gets the job, selling fitted kitchens. She goes through the script but doesn't feel confident. Audrey is annoyed that Ivy has got Alf thinking about longer opening hours as he'll expect her to pull her weight. Deirdre feels useless after a morning of people putting the phone down and making improper suggestions. Rita gives her encouragement. Deirdre discovers that Ingram's are looking for an area sales rep. Lew Crowther, a decorator, gives Jack an over-the-top estimate of £900. Vera recognises him as a drinking buddy of Jack's. Emily is astonished when Deirdre says she's considering working for Mike. Phil doesn't understand why she turned him down and accuses of her trying to prove to Ken that she can cope without him. Mavis has another go at Derek, cooking him curried parsnip soup. Jack plans to claim for £900 but carry out the decorating himself on the cheap leaving most of the insurance money as profit. Deirdre applies for the Ingram's job.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Mavis Wilton: "You used to see me as a woman, Derek."
Derek Wilton: "Mavis?"
Mavis Wilton: "A desirable woman. You once said that I was not unlike Marilyn Monroe. You told me I didn't know the power of my own sexuality."
Derek Wilton: "What?"
Mavis Wilton: "Oh, eat your egg!"

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