Des starts work on the boat. Andy and Steve lend a hand before school. Don has enough of Ivy complaining about the way Audrey treats Alf and warns her she'll lose another job if she doesn't learn to keep her mouth shut. Mike gives Deirdre a call and arranges an informal meeting after seeing her application. Mavis is taken aback when the parsnips start working. She and Derek spend the morning making love and are an hour late for work. Alf decides that he will open the shop evenings and works out a rota. Audrey demands to be left out but Alf reminds her that he's the boss. Don is surprised when Ivy tells him she'll be working nights and that it was her idea. Deirdre meets Mike at The Ship, by the canal. She insists she wants a real job, not a handout. He's glad that she came to him after her ex-Council colleagues let her down. Bet is sickened by the sight of a loved up Derek and Mavis. Rita lets her in on their secret. Steve has a great time helping Des and goes back after school. He tells Steph that he knows he's not going to pass his re-sits. Derek confesses to Mavis that he slapped the cleaner Mrs Shaw's bottom at work.


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