Don doesn't like the idea of Ivy working evenings as he'll never see her. Derek doesn't know what came over him. Des agrees to let Steve work on the boat while he's at work. Mavis feels guilty about the parsnips and tells Derek that they were the cause of his bottom-slapping. He's horrified that she's discussed their sex life with Rita. Victor fires Mrs Shaw, the cleaner, as a cut-back before Derek can tell him about the bottom-slapping. She doesn't take it well and accuses Derek of sexual harassment. Jackie and Mike interview Deirdre. Mike helps her answer the questions. Derek confesses his lewd behaviour to Victor. Victor realises that sacking Mrs Shaw has added fuel to the fire. Steve skives off school to work on the boat and be with Steph. Mike backs Deirdre for the job but Jackie favours a younger candidate who has more sales experience. She tells him that she knows Deirdre is an old friend of his. Jackie overrules Mike, who calls Deirdre with the news. She's disappointed as Mike gave her the impression the job was hers. Derek is ashamed of himself and worries about his reputation. Ivy works the first evening shift at the shop. Alf is pleased with the level of trade. Audrey tells Gail she's not giving up her evenings and wants Ivy out of the shop. Jim is outraged when Steve tells him he missed a practical exam and doesn't plan to take his re-sits. Liz phones with the news that she's coming home tomorrow.


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