Jim makes the house tidy for Liz. Steve refuses to go to school. Deirdre tells Tracy that she can't go to France. Tracy suspected as much and so isn't bothered. Audrey boycotts the shop. Ivy covers her shift as Alf is at a Council meeting. Don thinks he's taking advantage. Jim asks Andy to talk some sense into Steve, while Steve asks Andy to back him up. Andy agrees with Steve but doesn't want to get involved as Steve didn't stick up for him when he left school. Mrs Shaw's solicitor writes to PPP accusing Derek of sexual harassment and threatening him with a tribunal. Victor washes his hands of the affair and orders Derek to sort it. Derek explodes when Bet gets Betty to put parsnips in the Wiltons' hotpots. Liz returns home and is impressed with the state of No.11. The family don't tell her about Steve but Betty lets slip in the Rovers. Mavis assumes that Rita told Bet about the parsnips and rows with her. Rita denies the accusation and suggests that Bet got the tip from the magazine. Rita then scolds Bet for breaking her confidence before the women have a laugh at the Wiltons' expense. Steve convinces Liz that he won't achieve anything by taking his re-sits but Jim thinks he's taking the easy route. Jim tells Steve that he's had enough of him and tells him to leave No.11.


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