As it's her day off, Vera drags Jack shopping for decor. Liz accuses the Barneses of treating Steve's crush on Steph as a joke and giving him Steph's scarf to egg him on. Des tells her that Steph's scarf went missing. Steve starts job-hunting. Audrey doesn't carry out her threat to sack Ivy. Gail doesn't support Audrey as Ivy is family. Mike convinces Jackie to cancel a meeting to view a house with him. The Duckworths spend a fortune on wallpaper. Audrey decides not to sack Ivy as she'll look like the bad guy but leaves Alf wondering what she's up to. Phyllis gossips about Steve's infatuation with Steph, unaware that Steve is in earshot. Mike and Jackie love the house and put in an offer. Steve thanks Liz for making him look like a prat. Alf assures Ivy that he and Audrey aren't rowing over her. Liz tries to comfort Steve. He's deeply hurt that Steph doesn't like him but makes out that he's angry at being tossed aside after helping out with the boat. Jack and Vera start stripping the walls at No.9. Des winds Steph up by asking her to dress warmly in future so that other men don't get ideas. Alf is furious to discover that Audrey has been shopping at Bettabuy and going around in taxis. Kevin checks out Des's boat motor and tells him it's rubbish. Steve pushes Steph's scarf through the door. Steph catches up with him and tries to clear the air. He tells her he picked up her scarf by accident and insists he doesn't fancy her. Alf tells Audrey that if she won't work he won't give her any more money.


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Steph Barnes: "Des, every time you open your mouth, your mental age drops."

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