Episode 3239
Production code P694/2239
ITV transmission date 14th June 1991 (Friday)
Story editor Tom Elliott
Story associates Trevor Suthers
Graham Carlisle
Elizabeth Malpas
Writer Barry Hill
Designer Chris Truelove
Director Spencer Campbell
Executive Producer David Liddiment
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 12th June 1991
Next episode 17th June 1991


Derek decides that the Barnes have had their chance to settle the dispute amicably and prepares to see his solicitor. Audrey visits Gail and tells her she's staying at the Postgate Hotel, knowing she'll pass the information onto Alf. Audrey doesn't know if she wants to be married to Alf anymore. Gail thinks she's throwing everything away for little reason. Jim agrees to let Alf join the fishing trip when he offers to drive them. Ivy worries that Audrey will return while Alf is away and get the impression that he isn't missing her. Derek tells Des that unless he pays up in full he'll have no choice but to seek a legal solution. Des is furious. Alf isn't bothered when Gail tells him where Audrey is; she walked out so it's up to her to get in touch. Phyllis does some cleaning for Alf. Rita warns Derek that his war with Des is breaking Mavis up. Des tells Mavis that he'll move the boat to the canal and put right the damage. At Rita's suggestion, Mavis doesn't tell Derek, knowing he'll try to stop the boat move. Mike asks Phil to be his best man. He agrees when Mike explains that his first choice, Charlie Travers, could be recognised by Jackie from when Mike got him to pose as a buyer for the factory. Audrey discovers that her credit card has been cancelled when she tries to settle her hotel bill to date. She calls Alf and hears his answering machine message saying he's gone fishing. Derek returns home early and catches the crane moving the boat. He hangs onto the boat and is lifted off the ground. Don, Jim and Alf get drunk on their fishing trip. Unseen by Jim and Alf, Don falls into the river.


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  • This episode marks the 1,000th appearance of Helen Worth in the role of Gail Tilsley.
  • TV Times synopsis: The men's fishing trip appears to end in tragedy. Derek takes a trip on Des’s boat, without going near any water.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,440,000 viewers (3rd place - combined figure including repeat).
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