Episode 3264
Production code P694/2264
ITV transmission date 12th August 1991 (Monday)
Story editor Tom Elliott
Story associates Trevor Suthers
Graham Carlisle
Elizabeth Malpas
Writer Paul Abbott
Designer Stephen Fineren
Director Spencer Campbell
Executive Producer David Liddiment
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 9th August 1991
Next episode 14th August 1991


Des struggles with Mavis' allegation. Tracy lets the twins transmit from Ken's flat and in return they let her do some announcing. Andy finds a report that Ken has done on him and is annoyed at its reference to his stupid sense of humour. Des tries to get closer to Steph. She forces herself to be nice to him. The Gilroys and Vicky return from Torquay. Bet worries that Vicky is bottling her emotions. Alec manages to break her down by telling her that he's cried for Sandra Arden. She tells him that she wants her parents back. Steph arranges to meet Simon Beatty for lunch but has to change her plans when Des turns up to take her out. Steve and Andy start an adventure series on 'Just Can't Wait' Radio: "Captain Kenny the Android Warrior of Weatherfield with his Mechanical Sheep, Baaa-low". Tracy is annoyed at first but joins in when the twins win her over. Simon tells Steph that he's being sent to Swansea for a week. Liz and Jim hear the twin's broadcast; Jim thinks it's hysterical but Liz is furious. Vicky tells the Gilroys that she wants to go home.


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