Episode 3268
Production code P694/2268
ITV transmission date 21st August 1991 (Wednesday)
Story editor Tom Elliott
Story associates Graham Carlisle
Elizabeth Malpas
Trevor Suthers
Writer Julian Roach
Designer Stephen Fineren
Director Brian Mills
Executive Producer David Liddiment
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 19th August 1991
Next episode 23rd August 1991


Curly makes Angie breakfast before asking her to design the Bettabuy float for the Weatherfield Carnival. Alec invites the Johnsons over to sound them out about taking Vicky on. Phyllis is upset to hear that Des has left Steph. The residents look forward to the Weatherfield Carnival. Bet takes Vicky out for the day so that Alec and the Johnsons aren't disturbed. Steph lets Simon Beatty know what's happened. Simon tells her to move into his flat but she refuses to leave until she knows Des is okay. Alec tells the Johnsons what Vicky and Belinda have been plotting. He makes it clear that he doesn't expect anything from them. They aren't keen to have Vicky but don't outright refuse to take her on. Des contacts Steph and asks her to meet him by the canal as he doesn't want to end their marriage over the phone. Vicky hears from Belinda that her parents visited the Rovers. Vicky thinks Alec put the Johnsons off and goes into the bar to row with the Gilroys. She tells them she doesn't want them or the Rovers. Angie agrees to help Curly. Steph finds Des drunk with the boat. When she confirms that they're definitely finished, he sets light to the boat as a symbolic gesture.


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