The residents enjoy the Bank Holiday; Alec plans a family picnic to bond with Vicky, while Gail and Martin are taking the kids to the park. Vicky tells Alec and Bet to go without her, refusing to spend the day inhaling their cigarette fumes. Alec calls off the outing. Nicky accidentally hits David on the head with a cricket bat. Vera persuades Ivy to help out with the Bettabuy float even though it means putting up with Reg. Des goes back to work. Bet tells Vicky she's behaving selfishly. Vicky leaves the Rovers to get away from the Gilroys. The McDonald twins stash the radio equipment with her to hide it from Jim, telling her it's a car radio. Martin takes the baby to hospital to check that he hasn't got concussion. Curly offers Vera and Ivy the roles of Goddesses of Plenty. Ivy turns him down as she'd have to wear skimpy clothes but changes her mind when Reg expresses his disapproval, preferring to be surrounded by young woman. Vicky meets Steve and Andy to return the radio and tricks them into buying her lunch. They tell her the truth about the radio when she points out that it has a mains power lead. Martin is annoyed when the hospital treat him with suspicion as David's surname is Tilsley. He's upset that his son has got Brian's name. Don feels that Ivy's costume isn't decent. Mavis confirms that Des doesn't blame her and Derek for his marriage breakdown. Vicky is more pleasant to the Gilroys when she returns home. Martin tells Gail that he feels left out of the family and asks her to marry him.


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